Tension-integral systems are the most material-efficient and stable way to build, at any scale. These principles can be found anywhere in nature.
Suspension & Stability

Testaments to Tension


While fabric as a building material is ancient, starting with bedouin tents and teepees, our Tension Structure industry is relatively young and on the cutting edge of building technology. The detailed form-engineering and technological accomplishments find roots in Frie Otto’s work in the 1960s. Rapid advances in technology and materials science now enable us to build at extraordinary scale structures never before imagined.

Aerial shot of a tensile structure pavilion, using clear membrane, at the Dreamforce Event, taking place in San Francisco, CA, 2019.
Computer generated engineering study of an intricate shade array, in black and white.

Natural mimicry

GuildWorks was founded with a vision for creating shelter with the fewest material resources, using Design from Nature’s Principles and the elegant geometries of tension fabric structures. The organic shapes of our installations allow us to be creative with airflow, water collection, and stormwater management.


We create structures with a fraction of the materials used for similar functions in traditional building styles; we also take responsibility for repurposing, recycling, and carbon offset, making every part of our building process more sustainable. There is less raw weight in the material produced, lower transport needs, less heavy equipment and machinery required, higher efficiency in design, production, and installation, and a company that cares to do the right thing guiding every step.

Pastel colored Ven diagram of Economic, Social and Ecological intersecting equally to create Sustainability.
Aerial photo of a shade structure with multiple sails over a city plaza in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona.


Reducing heat island effects, collecting water, filtering pollution, providing shade, and regulating temperatures and light are all issues of our time that must be solved. Our temporary and permanent structures offer a viable solution to architectural issues that are becoming vastly more important as the weather becomes more extreme and as access to resources change.

Creating with Care

Tension structures provide protection from the elements with minimal impact on the planet.

From the recyclable materials we use to the low carbon impact of shipping and construction, every design takes the health of our ecosystems into consideration.

Not only do tension structures produce less waste during construction, our membrane suppliers offer 100% truly recyclable materials to all of our projects.

Compare Landfill Waste
Per Square Foot of Building Space

Less than
1 lb
Tension Structure
Traditional Construction Methods

Imagine a New Way of Building

Building a Better World Together

We believe that businesses should play a role in solving environmental and social challenges. This is why GuildWorks is helping to build an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy, as a proud member of 1% for the Planet »
“I was blown away by the set for our annual meeting - and so was everyone in the audience. You really raised the bar for us. Thank you so much. It was absolutely stupendous.”

Collaboration is Key

We work with our clients through a step-by-step process that supports collaboration, avoids pitfalls, and helps to stay on track with deadlines, budgets and sustainability. 
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