Spokane Riverfront, 2020
2020 DBIA Project of the Year
From our laboratory of innovation to our work in the field, we transcend limitations through our commitment to collaborative design.

Imagine New Ways to Blend Indoor and Outdoor Spaces and Reinvent Your Environment.

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These are the steps we consider with every project, as a unified whole or when offering standalone services.Learn more about project collaboration with GuildWorks »
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Get ready to embark on the exciting journey of creating the fabric tension structure of your dreams. You’ll begin by offering just a bit of information about your project, and one of our development strategists will contact you at no cost to better understand how we can help.

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Rendering mock-up of a community gathering structure with architectural fabrics - leveraging tension, tensegrity, parametric design principles, GuildWorks is a fabric structure innovator.
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We approach every design challenge with a single question: What is your need, your vision?

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What are your parameters? This forms the design scope, and this is where it starts to get fun! We believe that inside every problem and need, an innovative solution can emerge, particularly when there is discussion and collaboration between the parties.

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Design & Engineering
Using digital prototypes, we'll plan for and test against structural impacts, see the project visually take form, and assess how the design solves the needs and goals of the project.

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Our in-house design & engineering team utilizes advanced FEM & CAD programs allowing us to look at 3D shaping, wind load, water flow, structural requirements, and other factors. It also allows you to virtually see your project via CGI images, video, or virtual reality and generate renderings of your project, to share and collaborate. This phase is completed with the development of the Construction Document (CD) set for building and permits.

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Black and white diagram of a detail from an intricate shade array.
Worker operating a fabric welding device in the Guildworks headquarters.
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4. Fabrication

Our Portland OR facility offers high-quality made-in-the-USA production of welded and sewn fabrics. We also have qualified vendors for all of the support structure fabrication.

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Each step of the way, we check details and tolerances. Our team ensures that all the parts are detailed and fabricated perfectly to allow everything to come together on site. No matter where your project is or what it takes, we have partners around the world and fabricate to any scale. 

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Being a design-build company, we know how to bring installations to life. Our ability to work in 3D, using VR, and other advanced modeling techniques, helps our construction team understand complex structures and can achieve what others might think is impossible. 

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Construction takes multiple stages and forms. We are experienced and capable of working in many capacities for permanent, seasonal, and temporary solutions. We can take on the full construction side, from foundations to support structure erection, to completing fabric membrane installation.

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GuildWorks construction crew installing a fabric panel in Spokane, WA at the Spokane Riverfront Pavilion. GuildWorks is a leader in fabric architecture, tensile structures, tension fabric structures. GuildWorks is a design-build firm that offers design, engineering, specification, and installation services.
A Guildworks staff member happily cleaning and maintaining a membrane shade structure from the outside.
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Now that your new environment is complete, what’s next?
We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to care for your project, and we’re here to help with maintenance and ongoing support.

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Fabric structures have some of the lowest maintenance costs of any structure, but it is still critical to take care of your investment. Permanent structures require cleaning and tension checks every few years, while event structures require the presence of knowledgeable personnel on site who know the structure and are there to assist should the unknown arise.  No matter what you need, we are there with you!

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Achieving More Together

Whether we’re working with owners, project managers, event planners, developers, or architects, we’re part of your team! 

Our creative reach comes from what you desire, what you hope is possible, and the solution you need. We love bringing your ideas and dreams to reality and letting this collaboration push the limits of the possible.

We always back up our work with warranties and have maintenance and follow-up services for continuity and care.

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Development & Engineering

Learn About Fabric Tensile Structures

Earn AIA/CES and LA/CES credits and expand your knowledge on leveraging tension structures for your projects.
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"It was exciting to work with GuildWorks and have their creative and technical input. Their design/build approach provided the expertise we needed to realize an outstanding design and added so much to our property."

A Deep Passion for Sustainability

 Tension structures are good for the environment! They provide protection from the elements with minimal impact on the planet.
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