Corfu, Greece

Eco Retreat Corfu

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Eco Retreat Corfu

Perched atop a picturesque hill, this retreat center features spectacular vistas of Greece and Albania across the Ionian Sea. However, the majestic setting also faces the abundant sun and relentless winds in the Mediterranean climate. Only tiny dirt roads carve the path to the retreat, limiting access to smaller vehicles, and emphasizing the need for lightweight, eco-conscious construction.

The owners focussed on lightweight and ecologically conscious materials and building methods, starting with three yurts on the land, and then sought GuildWorks to create shade and rain protection. The site's challenges demanded creative solutions, including limited access to supplies, exposure to harsh storms and prevailing winds, and the necessity of water collection.

GuildWorks designed and installed a temporary shade structure to meet the immediate need for shade, while also serving as a "test run" for an envisioned permanent structure. This temporary solution, deployed in less than 3 months, facilitated crucial site measurements, a detailed 3D computer model, and durable anchors shaping the future permanent fabric structure. 

Use in the summer inspired several adjustments for the permanent fabric structure. Collaboratively refining the vision, GuildWorks designed a bespoke fabric haven. The kitchen/dining area was enclosed, providing desired sun and shelter balance on the upper and lower decks.

The custom fabric structure was skillfully fabricated and shipped from our Portland shop. Expertly assembled in Greece with European-made cables, the fabric structures have now been enjoyed by countless visitors.

Corfu, Greece
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2014 - 2018
Ahamtouli Eco Resort
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