Petco Park, San Diego Ca.

Honeycomb Lounge at Cisco Live

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Honeycomb Lounge at Cisco Live

When Cisco Systems sought an inspiring VIP lounge for their annual Customer appreciation party at San Diego's Petco Park Stadium, they turned to GuildWorks. 

The challenge? To create an open yet intimate space that would elevate the experience. 

To safeguard the stadium grass, we engineered a design that relied entirely on the stadium seating structure for support. Using high-strength spectra fiber ropes, we strategically attached the structure to various points as high as the upper stadium levels. With precision, we suspended the entire structure, gently guiding the columns to rest on the grass with lightweight ballasts. 

The final touch? Inside the columns, battery-powered LED color-changing lights were placed, illuminating the structure from within. With a team of skilled riggers, the entire structure was installed in under a day, bringing the dynamic VIP lounge to life. The transformation was magical.

The result? Nothing short of extraordinary—a dynamic three-dimensional environment that set new standards in innovation and embraced Cisco Systems' vision of an awe-inspiring space. 

When the event concluded, the structure vanished just as swiftly as it was constructed - completely removed in a mere two hours, leaving behind only the sweetness of unforgettable memories. Cisco Systems' VIP Lounge stands as a testament to the art of engineering and ingenuity—a visionary space that merges artistry and practicality, creating an unforgettable experience that left guests enchanted.

Corporate Events
Petco Park, San Diego Ca.
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3000 sqft
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Association of General Contractors (AGD)
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