Spokane, Washington

Spokane Riverfront Pavilion

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Spokane Riverfront Pavilion

The U.S. Pavilion, nestled within Spokane’s Washington's Riverfront Park, is a relic from the 1974 World's Fair. A winter storm had damaged the fabric cover shortly after the fair and, for over four decades, the once-tent-like structure was neglected. GuildWorks was brought on, as consultants for NAC Architecture, to reimagine a new shade structure for this historic and iconic building.

Drawing upon our expertise in tension structures, the GuildWorks team proposed an innovative solution: attaching shade elements to the existing cable-net structure. Meticulous analysis and modern techniques allowed us to reverse engineer the 46-year-old cable net, revealing its hidden potential to support a new fabric array. Engineered struts, tension cables, and custom-designed architectural fabric panels breathed new life into the cable net, preserving its rich history while seamlessly blending tradition and modernity.

During afternoon sunsets, the fabric panels come alive, casting geometric patterns on the ground. Extensive sun shade studies ensured strategic fabric positioning, allowing visitors to enjoy the sunlight during cooler parts of the day.

The impact of this renovation has touched Spokane's residents who have cherished the U.S. Pavilion as a beloved symbol for generations. We take immense pride in our contribution to preserving its legacy and honoring the past while ushering in a vibrant future.

Spokane, Washington
Square footage
6775 membrane; 78,726 structure
City of Spokane - Parks and Recreation Department
DBIA 2020, Design-Build Project of the Year
Association of General Contractors (AGD)
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NAC Architecture
GuildWorks, LLC
GuildWorks, LLC
Engineer of Record
Landscape Architect
General Contractor
Garco Construction
Patrick Martinez

Spokane Riverfront Pavilion
Winner of 12 Awards

Association of General Contractors (AGD)
  • Special Projects Award,
    Build Northwest Awards 2019
Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA)
  • Merit Award - Civic/Assembly 2020
  • Best of Architecture Design 2020
  • Project of the Year 2020
Construction Management Association of America (CMMA)
  • Achievement Award 2020
  • Project of the Year Award 2020
Engineering News-Record (ENR) Northwest
  • Landscape/Urban Development Project of Merit 2020
  • Landscape/Urban Development Best Project 2020
American Institute of Architects (AIA) Washington Council
  • Civic Design Honor Award 2020
American Institute of Architects (AIA) Spokane
  • Over $5M Honor Award
  • Over $5M People's Choice Award
The International Architecture Awards (IAA)
  • Sonoma County Project 2021 International Achievement Award
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