The Cascadian Canopy

Transform your space and create a memorable experience with our one-of-a-kind Cascadian Canopy.

Fascinate Your Attendees & Visitors

Its elegance, scale, and graduated cascading layers demand attention and compel exploration.  As your guests feast their eyes and elevate their gaze, their minds will be drawn to wonder, and their spirits will be lifted in fascination.

Interior mock up of the Cascadian Canopy
The Cascadian Canopy in the desert

Make a Grand Statement

This unique 174 Feet wide fabric structure is available for quick deployment; due to an unexpected turn of events, it is sitting in storage, ready to go. Transport your guests to another world and provide protection from both sun and rain.  The Cascadian Canopy will make your event or seasonal structure a memorable landmark destination.

Make an Impression

Perfect for many uses, engineered to sustain large wind loads with foundation design ready to be customized to your site requirements, delight your guests, and make an impression with this superb construction!

Interior Mockup of the Cascadian Canopy
The Cascadian Canopy at night

Withstands the tests of time

This 174 Feet wide fabric structure (150’ diameter covered space) stands 60 feet and features 23,380 sq./ft. of surface area, making a grand interior space. The five-layer cascading array is made of colorful Architectural Grade rain fabric and is designed, engineered, and fabricated to withstand the test of time. In all, this structure provides over 21,000 sq./ft. of rain and shade protection.

We've Got You Covered

We are currently accepting offers on this structure.

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GuildWorks is ready, in a short timeframe, to provide all prefabricated parts of the structure, as well as the installation management and labor, and other needs to bring this extraordinary structure to life on your site. Meticulously detailed Construction Documents are ready to be customized to fit your specific site allowing for a fast turnaround.

  • Weather Protected Concert Space
  • Amazing Central stage
  • Large Dining Experience
  • Multiple Food Vendors
  • Central Gathering Space
  • Centralized Lectures
  • Yoga Retreat Center
  • Grand Outdoor Ballroom
  • Outdoor Conference Center
  • Multipurpose Activations
Schematic of the Cascadian Canopy from above

Everything Needed to Bring this Structure to Life on Your Site is included.

  • Weather ProteSite Review & Feasibility Study
  • Complete Stamped Construction Documents
  • Foundation plan for your location
  • Engineering Stamp, based on your Location
  • Installation Planning and Scheduling
  • Cascadia Canopy Rental (or Purchase)
  • All Materials: Cables, Hardware, Custom Posts, Steel Supports, Fabrics etc.  (In storage ready to be deployed)
  • Installation Management & Labor
Cascadian Canopy construction documents
Construction Documents
Engineering diagrams for Arise Festival tents
A picture of a pile of cables
Image of the steel supports used in the Cascadian Canopy

We've Got You Covered

We are currently accepting offers on this structure.

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